Manufacturing plant

Precision from the first to the last phase of operation: That's exactly what we demand of ourselves. At the beginning there is the plan. and this is where our performance starts: We have our own design department headed by a professional engineer - qualified in drawing up various, including very complicated, article and tool drawings. However, whether the design is worked out by ourselves or whether the technical drawings of the customer are taken over: Precision is the utmost priority.

The task of our own model making department is the manufacturing of highly precise wooden or cast models in accordance with article drawings or samples; the manufacturing can also be executed by means of CNC-controlled machine tools.

"Whatever is feasible is done - whatever seems unfeasible will be creatively solved". On the way to the third dimension - our experience acquired in decades and the modern way of solving problems by CAD/CAM: Computer aided design and production as a guarantee for a precise as well as efficient realization in the area of blow mould tools.

The most modern machines under one roof

DROOP + REIN CNC - Milling machine     Milling paths x 2.400 / y 1.400 / z 1.500
HURON Plano-milling machine HAIDENHAIN CNC     Milling paths x 2.400 / y 1.000 / z 1.000


Our toolmaker's shop is competent for the manufacturing of blow mould tools of all types and sizes in a tool spectrum with a volume ranging from 50 cm³ up to 10,000 litres. The main focus of our production are tools for technical parts, especially for the automotive industry. Diversity and strength of performance are here proven time and again on a daily basis:

  • Zinc tools with cast in copper pipe cooling, upon request also with drilled or milled cooling.
  • Cutting edges can be reinforced by inserting steel (each one correspondingly cooled).
  • Manufacturing of tools made of steel, any kind of steel, and of tools made of wrought aluminium with drilled cooling.

Step by step on the way to the perfect tool: Therefore anyone, who does not have the latest state-of-the-art stations and who cannot ensure their smooth cooperation, has no business dealing in a precision area such as this one or: will be out of business soon.  

Stations of precision:

And nothing of this externally - everything internally...

Precision is our duty - starting with the design department and the model making to the casting and the tool manufacturing, the centre of our company.

In the casting department our blow mould tools are being cast in the refined zinc alloy Z 430 (including the copper pipe cooling); the capacity comprises casting weights from 5 to 10,000 kg.

All's well that ends well:

What started with the CAD/CAM planning and projecting ends with the final testing by partners, who are very competent with regard to blow mould tools.