Product information

Manufacturing of: Prototype and production blow mould tools made of cast or wrought aluminium, Zamak (zinc), steel in various qualities, wood, Styrofoam or Uriol models, as well as laminates or cat models CAD/CAM 3D Tebis tool design ( CATIA V5).

Blow mould tools for the automotive industry:

  • Air channels
  • Filler pipes and venting pipes
  • Water tanks, oil tanks, compensator reservoirs
  • Fuel tanks KKB
  • Rear spoilers
  • spare wheel covers
  • Hat racks

Blow mould tools for the packaging industry:

  • Bottles 0.5 to 10 litres
  • Canisters 1 - 60 litres
  • Drums 5 - 500 litres
  • Containers and tanks up to 5000 litres

Blow mould tools for the toy industry:

  • Children's cars
  • Slides
  • Throwing games