Our company – Five decades of know-how

Five decades of know‑how in the precision manufacturing of blow mould tools are our most valuable asset. Equally important is the strong team of approximately 60 employees: all of them motivated experts – used to solving tricky problems of blow moulding technology with creativity and precision. This workforce, which is rather large for a tool manufacturing company, is a big advantage not only for our performance capacity as a whole, but especially for individual solutions to problems on schedule: Thus neither special requests nor "tight" schedules become a problem.

Constructive partnership due to perfection in the manufacturing of blow mould tools.

The most modern data processing systems make sure that all departments (design, CAD/CAM, model making, casting and the tool manufacturing) are closely linked with regard to organisation and process technology.

With our high‑quality work we have internationally made a name for ourselves as specialist for blow mould tools – our competence is used by a large variety of industrial enterprises, e. g. by the automotive industry, the packaging, toy and chemical industry.

Manufacturing plant

Precision from the first to the last phase of operation: That's exactly what we demand of ourselves.

At the beginning there is the plan. and this is where our performance starts: We have our own design department headed by a professional engineer – qualified in drawing up various, including very complicated, article and tool drawings. However, whether the design is worked out by ourselves or whether the technical drawings of the customer are taken over: Precision is the utmost priority.

The task of our own model making department is the manufacturing of highly precise wooden or cast models in accordance with article drawings or samples; the manufacturing can also be executed by means of CNC‑controlled machine tools.

"Whatever is feasible is done – whatever seems unfeasible will be creatively solved".

On the way to the third dimension – our experience acquired in decades and the modern way of solving problems by CAD/CAM: Computer aided design and production as a guarantee for a precise as well as efficient realization in the area of blow mould tools.

And nothing of this externally – everything internally.

In the casting department our blow mould tools are being cast in the refined zinc alloy Z 430 (including the copper pipe cooling); the capacity comprises casting weights from 5 to 10,000 kg.

All's well that ends well:

What started with the CAD/CAM planning and projecting ends with the final testing by partners, who are very competent with regard to blow mould tools.