How the packaging industry benefits of blow molding

The packaging industry is an industry that has benefited extremly of blow molding and mold makers as Kremann and Esser. The consumer goods industry would not be the same if there were no plastic packaging. The packaging industry's has the highest requirements for tool‑and‑die makers. Fast turnaround times and efficient use of materials is expected in this industry. These requirements can be met better with any other raw material such as plastic.

Blow mold tools for the packaging industry

  • Bottles from 0.5 to 10 liters
  • Canister 1 to 60 liters
  • 5 to 500 liter barrels
  • Containers and tanks up to 5000 liters

Kremann and Esser: The first contact person for the Packaging Industry!

In order, for example, to be able to produce at low cost, speed, efficiency and short cycle times are an absolute must. As the packaging industry produce in very high volumes, the saving of a single second can already have a big impact. For this reason, customers will find in Kremann and Esser the right contact. The technology leader in tool‑and‑die manufacturing specializes on achieving the best possible result for its clients. More than once they have broken the boundaries of what is possible already.

The longevity of the material and the subsequent product is another important factor for the packaging industry. However, the quality tests and the right mix of raw materials are crucial. Especially barrels and tanks for special applications often need to match high quality standards. Kremann and Esser is one of the leading innovators and problem solvers with over 50 years experience in this field.

Also the design of products is an important factor for the packaging industry. Quite often new and unprecedented forms are needed, which stand out from other brands or fulfil special features. At these challenges Kremann and Esser can prove its full competence. As a technology leader, the company provides solutions where others fail.