Extrusion blow molding for the chemical industry

The chemical industry relies on plastic as a packaging material and raw material for years. Early it was recognized that plastic, unlike steel, brass or other metals, offers some clear advantages. Using the right shape and raw material mixture, plastic containers can be produced that are very stable and at the same time more flexible than metal containers. In addition, plastic is easier to work with than various metals. This is why plastic products can be produced more cost‑effective. There are basically no limitations regarding the variety of products which can be produces using the blow molding process. The possibilities range from plastic cartridges with a volume of a few milliliters up to huge tanks with a liquid capacity of several thousand liters.

Especially containers for storage and transport purposes of chemicals and raw materials are needed by the chemical industry. For this reason, there is a high demand for plastic containers that meet high quality standards but at the same time can be produced cheap and in large quantities. Products that are produced using the extrusion blow‑molding process combine these benefits and are therefore often used by the chemical industry.

Blow molding tools which the mold maker Kremann and Esser produces for the chemical industryc

  • Canister 1 to 60 liters
  • Barrels from 30 to 250 liters
  • IBC Container 1000-1250 liters

Kremann and Esser delivers the quality which is required by the chemical industry

The plastic tanks and containers, which are used by the chemical industry have to meet the highest quality standards. Especially when they are used for the storage or transport of hazardous materials, the tanks and barrels have to pass numerous quality tests. These requirements have to be considered already in the beginning during the process of designing the product and choosing the proper raw material mixture for the plastic containers. Kremann and Esser supports their customers already in these early stages of the process. Kremann and Esser, that is the technological leader in the industry, has built up over 50 years of company history and ensures the highest quality and precision in production.

Their special experience and expert knowledge guarantee short cycle times, cost savings and material savings. The quality and efficiency of the mold maker Kremann and Esser is appreciated by customers from the chemical industry and thus Kremann and Esser is the ideal supplier of tools for the extrusion blow‑molding process.