New employees in the design department

Efficiency and precision, these are two of our most important standards. In order to meet the requirements of our customers as well as the demands we make on our company, we have recently expanded our team. Thanks to our new additions, we have further expanded our high design capacities. This enables us to handle even large orders and time-sensitive projects to the fullest satisfaction and on the agreed dates. At Kremann and Esser we are particularly proud to find the right answers even to difficult conditions and tricky questions. Design is therefore not only the first but also the essential step in tool manufacturing because it is the foundation for your tool production. In addition to the specialists and experts who make up our team we are constantly looking for new ideas - and new minds.

Interview with Mr. Hahn from the design department

In our team of specialists and tool enthusiasts we welcome Mr. Karsten Hahn whom you will get to know in detail below.

What motivated you to apply to Kremann and Esser and how did you become aware of Kremann and Esser?

Kremann and Esser was not unknown to me. Quite the opposite, 25 years ago I started and successfully completed my training at Kremann and Esser. After my master examination I decided to move to a position in a design department and therefore changed companies. Last year I received an offer from Kremann and Esser and accepted it. Meanwhile, I have gained 15 years of experience in my current field of work, construction and measurement technology, which I can now use for Kremann and Esser.

What does a typical working day look like in your position at Kremann and Esser?

My daily tasks are very varied. Mainly it's about digitizing and measuring components. Other tasks include reverse engineering, test reports, target-performance comparisons and initial sample test reports. In addition, calculations for the previously mentioned tasks also belong to my area of responsibility. But regular customer contact also falls into my area: meetings, telephone calls and presentations to the customer are not uncommon.

What do you like best about your new position so far?

Having completed my training at Kremann and Esser I already know many of the team members and the work processes. That made it a little easier for me to get started. Overall, it is simply a very collegial environment. In addition, I already know many customers from the companies I have worked for previously. Furthermore, the work is very varied and especially with new customers new challenges are always waiting to be solved.

What have you always wanted to design a tool for?

That's a good question but I can answer it quickly. At Kremann and Esser the area of design itself is not directly my area of expertise. What I've always wanted to do isn't directly about a tool but I've worked for a tuning company for cars before. There I got an insight into particularly exciting areas that you don't get to see as an outsider. For example, I got to see prototypes in advance and could take part in test drives. That was all strictly confidential and secret and a special experience for me.

If you had to describe Kremann and Esser with three words, which words would you think of?

  • Innovative
  • Modern
  • Always the optimum

I still remember my beginnings. At that time, wooden models were still made by hand. There were milling machines which were operated with the help of templates. Today, we at Kremann and Esser use the latest technologies. Everything is now digital and CAD-based. This new technology is the biggest difference to the time back then. A giant leap has been made in those 15 years. All in all, I am happy to be back and look forward to an exciting future at Kremann and Esser!