Tool test bench at Kremann and Esser

The most important points:

  • Internal Testing with the Siemens tool test bench
  • Inspection procedure individually adapted to each tool
  • 24-hour test covers continuous load
  • Two phases: During final assembly and before delivery

How do we know that the construction on paper results in the right tool? How can we guarantee that our tool not only meets the designs and plans but also fulfills its purpose? Thanks to many years of experience and the appropriate expertise, our employees already know exactly how a tool must be designed. In order to ensure full operational capability our blow molds are also manufactured with dedication and care. From design to manufacture, at all stages of our production process we strive to shape tools to solve your problems. Of course, it is not only important that you receive the tool you need for your production - it should also be reliable and in use for a long time. For this reason, we at Kremann and Esser rely on a comprehensive inspection of our tools. Important for us is that we don't pass this step in the production process of the tools out of our hands. All services and steps are carried out internally at our company - and we don't take this as our motto for nothing. That is why you can trust the examination in our company under the supervision of our experts without hesitation. In addition, the internal diagnoses offer us not only the opportunity to inspect the tool in action but also to modify and optimise even the smallest details based on the tests. The robustness of the material is just as important as the dimensions and composition of the individual components.

Our tool test bench with the Siemens S7 control system meets the highest technical standards. With the SIMATIC Controller control system Siemens offers not only a broad performance spectrum but also best quality. This alone meets our expectations. The test bench for our tool is characterized by high performance, diverse diagnoses and safety standards. This enables continuous and precise testing of the tools. Because not every tool is the same, the tests should not be the same either. Thanks to the latest technology a unique sequence can be programmed for each tool so that the operation of every particular tool can be simulated individually. The continuous load is also considered by not running through the surface but by testing the tools within 24 hours. This results in comprehensive analyses that show us whether the tool is already perfect or whether - and where - it should be improved.

In order not to miss anything the tool inspection in our company has two phases. The first inspection takes place during the final assembly when the tools are ready for use but not completely finished yet. Last adjustments can be easily made at this stage of the production process. The second phase of the inspection takes place at the end of the process. Before the tool is packed for delivery and then delivered to our customers the final acceptance takes place. The comprehensive inspection once again ensures that the tool is perfectly assembled and fully functional.