Summer is coming - you can find Kremann and Esser in your garden as well!

Summer is coming - for most people this means: off into the garden or on to the balcony! After all, the good weather has to be savored. Now you can finally barbecue again, play outside and do some gardening. Did you know that you will certainly meet Kremann and Esser? Extrusion blow molding is everywhere in your garden!

Extrusion blow molds for the garden

Extrusion blow molding allows the production of small individual parts as well as large objects. Whether relaxing, playing or gardening, products made with extrusion blow molding are used in all kinds of activities that take place in the garden. The most common products are watering cans, slides for children, garden boxes and garden houses.

We develop the negative molds which are needed for the production of various products. The female mold is a decisive factor for the quality of the end product and so is the choice of the used plastic mixture. Only with a precise mold a perfect product can be created that you can use in your garden. The composition of the plastic granulate also plays an important role in ensuring safe, long-term use. Here we also support our customers reliably.

Weatherproof watering cans from the extrusion blow mold

After last year's heat wave, extreme temperatures are predicted for this year as well. Nature suffers under the summer heat, even in your garden! Regular watering is therefore essential for the plants in flower boxes and beds. The requirements for a high-quality watering can are obvious: It must be easy to handle, be made of robust material and have an appealing design.

The extrusion blow molding process makes it possible to produce watering cans that exactly meet these requirements. The special plastic granulate which is inserted into the female mold and pressed under pressure against the inner contours is extremely robust. The result is a break-proof watering can that can withstand summer weather as well as autumn or winter weather. At the same time, the watering can itself is very light so that even a large version is not too heavy to carry due to its own weight.

Outdoor toys for children

Playing outside is the most fun! Of course, the toys must be extremely robust if they are not only used outside but also stored outdoors. Even if the children's slide is allowed to spend the winter in the garden house or garage, there are other influences here than in the warm, dry home. Temperature changes, for example, have an impact on toys. Wooden toys are therefore far less durable than their plastic counterparts. Of course, products for children are subject to strict quality regulations - and that's a good thing. The use of high-quality materials in extrusion blow molding ensures that you can let your children play with slides and such without hesitation. We at Kremann and Esser have therefore been advising our customers for many years on the choice of the right plastic compound. Ride on push cars or seesaws can also be produced with extrusion blow molds - in ergonomic shapes that are perfect for playing.

Pure relaxation - it all depends on the details

Can there be a summer without a barbecue? Not really, right? No wonder, because it is really wonderful to sit comfortably in the garden and enjoy a barbecue with family or friends. Good garden equipment is an absolute must so that you can make yourself comfortable. Plastic chairs and tables have been popular for many years because they are resistant and easy to clean. In addition, most people have no room to store the entire set in the house, for example in the cellar or in the attic - as well as the expense of carrying everything back and forth at the beginning and end of the gardening season. The most practical solution for this is, for example, a garden house or garden boxes, which can stay outside all year round and store the garden furniture and other items.

Individual parts for garden houses or garden boxes are also produced with our extrusion blow molds. Like with all other articles of daily use, the durability of the material is impressive. When it comes to garden equipment, it is also important to produce perfectly fitting parts so that everything is fully functional and robust.

Kremann and Esser: Our expertise for your home

All these objects can be produced individually and precisely thanks to our female molds for extrusion blow molding. So sit back and relax, let the children slide all afternoon long and don't forget to water the flowers in the evening - we will do our part to make your garden perfect!